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Monitoring Classes

Throughout the school year, it is important to monitor student progress in your classes. Follow these simple steps to understand how best to monitor progress:

Step 1 - Click the "Manage Classes" menu option.

Step 2 - Click on a course name. The class list defaults to the current academic year.

Step 3 - View the class detail on the lower left of the screen.

Step 4 - View students enrolled in the selected course on the lower right of the screen.

Step 5 - Click on a student's name to view individual progress within a class. The status of the end-of-course exam will be displayed and may include the following options:

monitoring class 1

Step 6 - View student detail.  Step 7 - View a list of student’s current classes for the academic year specified in the school year drop down.  Note:  The list of classes the student is enrolled in shows ALL classes including those taught by the logged-in teacher logged as well as those taught by other teachers.

Step 8 - An individual student's progress within the selected class appears on the lower left part of the screen for the culminating project as well as the end-of-course exam. 

Statuses include: 

Step 9 - To view an individual student’s progress toward certification, click on the “View Student Progress Toward Certification” link.   Note: If a student has a complete status, and the end-of-course exam has been scored, the score will appear in a “Score” column.  For the end-of-course exam, a score appears only after the teacher has scored the constructed-response items.

monitoring class 2