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NAF Next 22 Tech Training

As part of the Tech Training Lab in the Innovation Studio at NAF Next 2022, we want to be sure we know exactly how we can answer your questions and prepare you for the coming school year.

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The first thing we want you to know is how to submit a ticket to the Support Team. This is always available in ASH (NOT just during NAF Next) and you can submit a ticket with questions, issues, or a training need and our Support Team will respond within 24 hours (or less). Follow these brief steps to get started:

Step 1 - Go to - the Academy Support Hub Home Page

Step 2 - Click on the Contact NAF Support button or the Question Mark Box on the home page of ASH.

ASH Home Page Support Center

Step 3 - Click on "Tickets" at the bottom of the pop-up

ASH Home Page Click on Tickets

Step 4 - Complete the information requested in the ticket

Important Note! Please begin your Subject line with "NN22". This will help us connect with you quickly in the Tech Training Lab.

After completing the information, click Submit and our team will be with you shortly.

Filling in a Ticket NAF Next 22 v2

Thanks for joining us in the Tech Training Lab at NAF Next 2022. Be sure to grab a sticker while you're here and complete a session evaluation after we have supported you.