NAF VEX Robotics Teams Grant Opportunity

NAF VEX Robotics Teams Grant Opportunity

As part of a new partnership between NAF and the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation, the VEX Robotics Mentor Grant is currently open for returning VEX Teams at NAF Academies. The grant includes funding for team registrations, coach stipends, event registrations, and coach training for up to three teams per academy!

Click here to apply! Remember to type “NAF” in one of your responses to the application. You must have a account to complete the application. The grant will be disbursed on a rolling basis until December 15th, 2023.

If you have any questions, please email Sonia Inam, Senior Manager, Partnership Activation (


1) Which teams are eligible for this mentor grant? Mentor grants are available for VIQRC (elementary/middle school plastic robots, VRC (Middle School/High School) metal robots, and ADC (Aerial Drones) - Organizations must serve one of these underrepresented populations: Title 1 or have more than 50% students considered low income, classified as rural, or have more than 50% of school population either Hispanic, Black, or Indigenous. Another option is that the team is comprised of 50% female students.

2) How can I identify myself as a NAF academy applicant? Please remember to type “NAF” in your response to the prompt for “Challenges for offering robotics” question as part of the grant application survey.

3) Is there a deadline for applying to this grant? Yes, the season deadline to register is December 15th. We will keep the grant system open until that date as long as we have funds available.

4) How many VEX teams can benefit from this grant per NAF academy? Every NAF educator serving as a VEX team coach can register for up to three existing VEX teams at their NAF Academy. Each coach will get a stipend for each VEX team they are leading.

5) How many students need to be on a team? 2 Depending on the program, we usually recommend 2-6 students. The average tends to be 4. We have teams with more than 6 sometimes though, depending on the teacher.

6) If you have already registered, can you still get the funding for next year? If you have already registered for this year, you will have to apply when the grant system for next season opens. If you have already registered teams and do not want additional teams, you will not qualify for a grant this season.

7) Do you need to share receipts for spending against the coach stipends? To qualify for coach stipends, you may need to complete a W-9 if you receive grants for more than one team. Stipends are distributed after the coach accepts the terms and conditions, has registered teams in, has registered for the Coach Academy, has completed the coach certification, registered for an event, and uploaded team photos from the event. The coach stipends are for the coaches to spend as they wish.

8) Would the coach stipend cover equipment? Not for this season. The teams must register and attend an event before the stipends are issued, so equipment will be needed for that.

9) How will funds be disbursed to eligible teams? The funds will be disbursed by check. The event reimbursement will be sent to the school. The coach stipend will be allocated to the coach unless it is against school policy, then stipends can be made out to the school. It will be up to the coach to make sure we are aware of any potential issues.

10) Where can you find more information regarding the REC Foundation led Coach Trainings? You will need to utilize Canvas. Coaches will be asked to register for a free account, and once the grant is approved, coaches will receive an invitation for them to join a cohort.