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Setting Up a Class

Step 1 - In NAFTrack, click on the Manage Classes menu option.  Step 2 - Click Add New Class

setting up a class 1

Step 3 - Under the "Class Detail", select a program from the drop-down list by clicking on the approved provider name.  Step 4 - Select a course.  Step 5 - Select the academy from the drop-down menu. All academies to which the user is linked will appear in the list. Step 6 - Enter the school year, course start and end date, class period, and the due date (scheduled administration date) for the end-of-course exam.

Note:  The due date for the end-of-course exam will not be presented for non-NAF courses. 

Step 7 - Confirm the Active box is checked and click Insert

The class should now appear in the class list at the top of the screen. 

setting up a class 2