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Submitting Dual Enrollment Course for Approval

The process for submitting dual enrollment courses for approval by NAF is an automated process in the NAFTrack Certification. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1 - To request a dual enrollment course for approval, click on Request New Course. 

Submitting Dual Enrollment 1

Step 2 - Click the Dual Enrolment Course Request button.

Submitting Dual Enrollment 2

Step 3 - Any courses that have previously been submitted will appear in the Pending Dual Enrollment Course Request table at the top of the screen.

Step 4 - To request a new course to NAF for review, complete the “New Dual Enrollment Course Request” fields. 

Note:  Any course currently approved by a selected college will appear in the "Approved Courses for College” table on the right. 

Department:  Select the department from the drop down. If the department is not in the drop-down, click the Add a Department link. Once the course has been submitted it will be reviewed by NAF and either approved or denied.  Communication regarding the status of the course will be sent directly from NAF to the academy leads of record in the NAF Data Center. If a course is approved, it will be immediately added to the drop-down options for students and added to the Approved Dual Enrollment Courses document available in the Access Resources section. 

Submitting Dual Enrollment 3