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Upload of Culminating Project No Longer Required (as of August 2021)

Starting in the 2021-2022 school year, we have eliminated the need to upload student projects in the NAFTrack Certification portal.  This simplifies the process for both educators and students in the NAFTrack Certification system by eliminating the required upload of project documents and the completion of the student reflection.  We have heard from many of you that the upload of the project is an extra step that is often duplicated in your own system of by using your own process.  We have also answered some of your questions here:

So, do we still do the culminating project?  Yes, if you are using NAF curriculum, the culminating project is still a very important part of each course and should be included for each course.

Where should students store the project? That's a decision that we are leaving up to you.  Many of your schools and districts have a system where you can upload projects.  You may also choose to simply have students present their projects and then you provide them with a grade on that project.  We believe it will be helpful to encourage your students to keep their projects as evidence for some of the work that they have accomplished during their time in a NAF academy.  It is our hope in the future to provide students with a place to store projects and other important academy accomplishments.

What's the difference between the two options for NAF Classes in NAFTrack Certification?The two choices are:

  1. NAF (with EOC Exam)

  2. NAF (Final Grade Only)

The EOC Exam option simply means that you wish to require your students to take the EOC exam in the NAFTrack Certification system and will complete all other coursework (including the culminating project) outside of the system.  In order for the course to count towards NAFTrack Certification, the students must take the exam and score a 24 (out of 40) or higher on the exam.  It is important to remember that you will need to score a part of the exam. The Final Grade only option means that your students will complete all coursework (including the culminating project and EOC) outside of the system and you will enter the final grade for each student in NAFTrack Certification.  In order for the course to count towards NAFTrack Certification, the students must earn a "C" or better for their final grade in the course. If you have any questions about this topic or anything else, please send us an email to