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What do I need to provide to Customer Support?

1. Title

  1. This should be short and specific, recognizing that there may be others submitting similar requests


Bad example: The report doesn't work Good example: DAG Live PDF - Generated report produces a corrupted document

2. What should I put in the email?

  1. We love to see specific information, context always helps, and whatever details you can add all help us answer the question quicker.  We may always reach out to you for more information if needed.


  2. Identifying Information


    such as your name/academy/academy#, the students full name and ID#, etc. can decrease fix time tremendously 

  3. Screenshots


    are always very helpful to show us what's going on and what you are seeing

  4. Computer Info


    - it's always helpful to know what browser (Chrome, Firefox) and type of computer (Windows, Mac) you are using

  5. URL


    - including a URL (the website address in the top of the browser) is always helpful too!  Just copy and paste it in the email

  6. Priority/Urgency


    - let us know how urgent the issue is.  If it involves a student exam, it's urgent!  For other issues, you may not be in such a hurry.  

Bad example: I went to the page and ran the report and it doesn't work Good example: When I tried generating a copy of the DAG Live PDF, logged in as so-and-so, on Thursday January 13, 2000 at approximately 8:00AM EST, and when I clicked the button to generate the report, a corrupted document was produced

3. Other helpful info - Expected vs. actual results and reproducing the issue

  1. Please tell us what you expected to have happen vs. what actually happened

  2. It's very helpful if you can reproduce the issue and walk the support team through what happened - check out the example below

Good Example:             1. I signed into OKTA             2. I clicked on the badge for ASH             3. I clicked on "Results" in the left-hand navigation menu             4. I clicked on the entry "DAG Academy Report: Live Data" under the "Print Reports" section             5. I applied the following filters: High Schools A, B, and C; Quality Levels D, E, and F             6. I walked away from my computer for 5 hours             7. I came back to my computer and clicked the "Download DAG Academy Report: Live Data (PDF)" button             8. I expected to download was a PDF, but instead I received an HTML document that said the document is corrupted If you are a bit more technically inclined or savvy, any information from the developer console would be a great addition. If you don't know what the developer console is, feel free to look into it or request something in the Tech This Out channel regarding the developer console. This is a bit more advanced and could possibly require some training and learning. Again, this would be a nice to have, but is not something absolutely necessary. Here are a some articles regarding exemplary bug reports: