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NAF Jumpstart

As someone new to NAF, it can be hard to know what to do and when to do it. Jumpstart will help you better understand your work at NAF, how to use the different NAF tools, and how to reach out for help when needed.

All of the articles in Jumpstart, and many more, can also be found in our Knowledge Base which can be found in the Academy Practices section of the Learning Center.

If you are brand new to NAF please make sure you have an active account by starting with the article below!

How to create a NAF account

In order to access your academy's data, student data, and see personalized options designed to help you do your work, you must be added to ASH AND have a NAF account. Do this FIRST!
Introduction to NAF

Hi, nice to meet ya!

Who is NAF and what's the goal? What different platforms do we use? Who is your Portfolio Manager (PM)? What tasks will you most likely be doing each year?
Intro to NAFTrack
What is NAFTrack, what will you use it for, and how much time you will spend using it
Intro to ASH
What is ASH and why is it important? What resources can be found in ASH? What is an Action Plan and how and why should it be used?
Support and Help
Who is the Support team and how to reach them? When should you contact your PM (Portfolio Manager)? Where do you find more training resources? What to do when you need help?