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Intro to NAFTrack

What is NAFTrack Certification exactly?

NAFTrack Certification is the system we use to record and track student information. In NAFTrack, we track many metrics along each student's NAF journey so that they may be "NAFTrack Certified" upon their high school graduation, based on our own predetermined requirements.

Some things tracked in NAFTrack are:

  • Student personal information

  • Student class and grade data

  • Internship information

  • Graduation year and status

NAFTrack can be accessed from your NAF Dashboard, by clicking the NAFTrack badge.

When and why will you use NAFTrack?

As a teacher, you will use NAFTrack regularly throughout the year.

You might use NAFTrack to:

  • Uploading students and grades

  • Creating classes

  • Managing internships

The Future of NAFTrack! Important changes coming soon - click here!

Whether you are uploading students, adding your classes, or submitting internship assessments, using NAFTrack periodically will help you complete your responsibilities in a timely manner and prevent issues arising near the deadline for data entry.

It's important that you understand your responsibilities by communicating with your academy leadership.

Use the articles below as a guide to the most popular NAFTrack tasks!

NAFTrack Certification Overview
Here you'll find info on the benefits of getting NAFTrack Certified and the required criteria to do so
Create a Class
Instructions on how to create a class in NAFTrack
Adding Students to a Class
Steps to add students to classes that have been created
Entering Grades/Scores for Courses
Simple directions for entering students grades and scores for courses
Upload Internships (Excel file)
An alternate method of creating new internships by uploading an Excel spreadsheet with the internship information
Create New Internship
Learn how to create a new internship for an academy in NAFTrack
Creating a Student Account & Logging Into NAFTrack
How students establish their NAFTrack accounts and log in to the NAFTrack portal
Teacher Reset of Student Password
Learn how to reset a student's NAFTrack account password