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Intro to ASH

What is ASH?

  • ASH (Academy Support Hub) is the home of the operations, data collecting and reporting, and resources for NAF academies to run smoothly and successfully.

  • In ASH, you can find sections such as Academy Development, Data Library, and the Learning Center that contain information on things such as the Academy Assessment (how we assess each academy), Academy Reports (the data collected), and Student Curriculum (exams and lesson information for each course).

  • Use the green toolbar on the left side of the screen to navigate ASH and be sure to bookmark any pages you find important or useful.

  • Note that on every page of ASH there is a 'Share This Page' button on the toolbar that can be used to copy the current page to your clipboard for sending to yourself or a colleague, as well as a 'Contact Us' button to fill out a new ticket request form.

What will I do in ASH?

As a teacher, your most common uses for ASH will be:

  • Navigating to NAFTrack through the Academy Development section

  • Retrieving your academy Action Plan

  • Using the Work-Based Learning Tracker

  • Searching the Academy Practices section for knowledge base articles

  • Looking for personal development opportunities in Professional Learning

  • Searching for class documents in Student Curriculum

  • Retrieving your Portfolio Manager's contact info

  • Submitting a help desk ticket

ASH Homepage Overview and Introduction to Portfolio Manager
Here we will go over the information you'll find on the Academy Support Hub (ASH) homepage
Introduction to Work-Based Learning
What does Work-Based Learning mean?
Navigating the WBL section
This is an overview of the WBL section in ASH and how to navigate it
Introduction to the Advisory Board
Advisory Board: What it is and its value for my Academy?
Navigating the Advisory Board section
An overview and navigation guide to the Advisory Board section of ASH
Academy Practices
What is Academy Practices?