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NAF celebrates national career holidays by creating and curating learning resources for educators and learners. Each "unit" includes learner resources that encourage learners to:

  • ~ REFLECT on important questions

  • ~ STRETCH their learning and perspective

  • ~ INNOVATE solutions to a problem they are passionate about solving

  • ~ SHOWCASE their innovations with a live or digital audience

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Students learn how to build career success, lessons for any career pathway

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 February 2023 | Black History Month
Unit 2 February 2023: Career & Technical Education (CTE) Month
Unit 3 February 11, 2023 | National Inventors Day
Unit 4 September | World Tourism Day
Unit 5 October | Cyber Awareness Month
Unit 6 October | Economic Education Month
Unit 7 November | Entrepreneurship Month
Unit 8 May | National Nurses Week
Unit 9 August | Financial Awareness Day

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