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Course | Computer Networking Updated

Information Technology

Note: This course will be removed from Curriculum Library in ASH ( at the conclusion of the 22/23 school year. If you would like to continue to use this content, you can request these files by contacting our support team -  

Computer Networking provides a hands-on introduction to working with peer-to-peer, client/server, and cloud networks. The course begins with a brief history of networks. It then guides learners through all phases of implementing and troubleshooting standard TCP/IP Ethernet networks using network hardware connected with CAT5/6 cable. It covers network components, cables, and connectors. Learners go through the OSI model, protocols, and topologies and the process of implementing and troubleshooting a LAN and discussing access issues for WANs. Learners get hands-on practice with cloud computing and find out how cloud computing is different from working on a local server network. Finally, they get a chance to discover what types of network-related careers exist today.

Planning Tools

PLANNING TOOLS provides a guide to course implementation, including scope and sequence, lesson plans, and the culminating project overview.

Staff Pick

SAP Technical Consulting Virtual Internship Program

Developed by SAP, students can experience a career as a software developer in their company.

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 Getting Started
Unit 2 Network Cables and Components
Unit 3 Network Implementation
Unit 4 LAN Implementation
Unit 5 WAN Networks
Unit 6 Career Development in Computer Networking

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