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Information Technology

Join NAF in a series of on-demand resources for Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), available all year! We have robust activities and project challenges for Hour of Code, CS in the Arts, Sports Data & Analytics, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain, and Cybersecurity.

For Learners

FOR LEARNERS: Did you know that in 2030, 85% of the jobs are not in existence yet? So, how can what you are learning in school today possibly prepare you for an unknowable future?

The answer is simple! You do not stop learning just because you graduated from high school. You must embrace the concept of life-long learning to thrive in a highly tech-enabled and information-driven future. Your skillsets are less about what a teacher “poured” into your head and more about exploring issues and topics about which you are passionate. In the future, employers will not be as interested in your grade point average as compared to the initiative you took to extend your knowledge.

Staff Pick

Girls Who Code Summer Clubs

 Summer Clubs Are Here! With refreshed Swift tutorials and new meeting models, Girls Who Code are offering free, girls-supportive summer programming for 3rd-12th grade students of all genders. Whether you want a fully-packaged program or just need supplemental materials to meet your summer learning needs, sign up to access 120+ hours of resources, curriculum, and training

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 CS ACTIVITIES & CHALLENGE: Hour of Code: Make a Digital Business Card
Unit 2 CS ACTIVITIES & CHALLENGE: Computer Science in the Arts
Unit 3 CS ACTIVITIES & CHALLENGE: Sports Data and Analytics
Unit 4 CS ACTIVITIES & CHALLENGE - Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
Unit 5 CS ACTIVITIES & CHALLENGE: Cybersecurity

Featured Resources

Code Doja Cat's music video for her hit song Woman

Girls Who Code have partnered with Doja Cat to create the world’s first ever codable music video for her...

Live Ignite with Google

Live Stream events with Googlers

Register learners for engaging video streams with Googlers who describe their careers and share experiences.

Computer Science Heroes 2021

Career Readiness Lesson Plan

Learner explore how computer science skills are used in a multitude of unexpected career pathways.

CS Heroes Posters

Poster Download

Download and print these CSEdWeek posters for your classroom.

Hour of Code - Support my Cause


Learners use HTML, CSS or Javascript to create a webpage that supports a cause that is important to them.

Exploring Genotypes with Code

Python - Beginner

In this Hour of Code, learners program with Tracy the Turtle in Python to solve for various allele pairs.

IBM Hour of Z

Hour of Code - Enterprise Computing

Kick start what could be a future career in enterprise computing in an hour with IBM Hour of Z.

Online International Coding Competition

Register your academy and join this award-winning adventure - a global coding competition.

Hour of Data

Data Science Activities for CSEdWeek

These activities are designed for educators and learners with no background in data science. Learners are...

Build Your Own CS Advo-Kit

Teachers have the power to influence key decision-makers when it comes to prioritizing CS, but we all need to be...

Thanks to our community, industry, postsecondary partners, and professional associations for their continued involvement in promoting future ready learning for NAF's educators and learners.

Looking for the old Curriculum Library?

NAF will no longer update the Curriculum Library in the Academy Support Hub (ASH), but you can still access it below. Stay on the NAF Future Ready Learning site for our updated curricula and resources.

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