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Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism Expeditions are a new series of authentic project learning experiences that energizes learners to identify passion projects and inspires them to imagine innovative solutions to real-world issues while exposing them to work-based learning. Learners engage in self-reflection, research, and investigation with relevant competencies, and Future Ready Passport guide them through deepening their knowledge on topics including entrepreneurship in the food industry and virtual and augmented reality.

Planning Tools
For Learners

PLANNING TOOLS provides a guide to course implementation, including scope and sequence, lesson plans, and the culminating project overview.

FOR LEARNERS: This resource encourages and supports students on their learning journey by providing opportunities to deepen their knowledge, feed their passion, build their Future Ready skills, and deepen their career identity through NAF's "Take Charge of Your Learning" framework of REFLECT, STRETCH, INNOVATE, and SHOWCASE.

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NAF Expedition Lesson Plan

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 NFTE's World Series of Innovation NAF Challenge Resource for Learners
Unit 2 Food Innovation with a Social Mission
Unit 3 UX Design: From Idea to Launch
Unit 4 Exploring Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
Unit 5 Lead4Change - Leadership & Service Learning

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Thanks to our community, industry, postsecondary partners, and professional associations for their continued involvement in promoting future ready learning for NAF's educators and learners.