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Join NAF in celebrating Engineers Week 2022 for a series of on-demand resources!

Each unit includes robust activities and project challenges relating to 5G Technology, Introduce a Girl to Engineering, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering.

Founded by the National Society of Professional Engineers in 1951, Engineers Week (February 20–26, 2022) is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers.

Learners can share their projects found in each unit by March 31st for the chance to win $100 for both themselves and their educator!

For Learners

FOR LEARNERS: Did you know that in 2030, 85% of the jobs are not in existence yet? So, how can what you are learning in school today possibly prepare you for an unknowable future?

The answer is simple! You do not stop learning just because you graduated from high school. You must embrace the concept of life-long learning to thrive in a highly tech-enabled and information-driven future. Your skillsets are less about what a teacher “poured” into your head and more about exploring issues and topics about which you are passionate. In the future, employers will not be as interested in your grade point average as compared to the initiative you took to extend your knowledge.

Staff Pick

Download Your Engineering Careers Infographic

This infographic presents information about the variety of opportunities within the field of engineering and poses the question: "How will you change the world?"

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 5G Technology
Unit 2 Software Engineering
Unit 3 Biomedical Engineering
Unit 4 Introduce a Girl to Engineering - February 24
Unit 5 Cyber Security

Featured Resources

Download Your Engineering Careers Infographic

This infographic presents information about the variety of opportunities within the field of engineering and...

DiscoveE: Engineering In Unusual Places

Watch this exciting exploration of engineering in action. Meet engineers who are working to save polar bear...

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Build a Water Timer

Learners will design and build a timer that works by measuring how much water drips out of or into a...

Stop the Cyberattacks!

This activity introduces learners to the range of the most common kinds of cyberattacks and the ways...

Zoom background for Engineers Week

Liven up your virtual meetings with this fun and colorful Engineers Week background....

Chats with Change Makers

DiscoverE's Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day live event!

Air Date: February 24, 2022 @ 12:00pm ET

Meet two engineers who work on the James...

How does your mobile phone work?

For most of us, a mobile phone is a part of our lives, but I am sure your curious minds have always been struck...

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Everything you need to know about 5G

Millimeter waves, massive MIMO, full duplex, beamforming, and small cells are just a few of the technologies that...

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How does 5G work?

5G isn't one thing, it's a collection of different technologies, and various cell providers are focusing on...

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What is Industrial Engineering and Why Should I study It?

Industrial Engineering attracts countless international students annually. It promises the best of Engineering...

Thanks to our community, industry, postsecondary partners, and professional associations for their continued involvement in promoting future ready learning for NAF's educators and learners.

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