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Advisory Board

Advisory boards provide an essential bridge between the classroom and the workplace. They provide comprehensive, ongoing support to NAF academy staff and students by serving as ambassadors in their networks and communities to help create exciting new work-based learning and internship opportunities.

Introduction to Advisory Boards

NAF Advisory Board Orientation Series: Part 1

This video will introduce you to what a NAF advisory board is, why they're important to NAF’s educational design, and how members play a key role in bringing work-based learning to NAF academy students.

Advisory Boards and Work-Based Learning

NAF Advisory Board Orientation Series: Part 2

This video will help viewers understand the importance of work-based learning in a young person’s life and how advisory boards play a key role in securing and coordinating work-based learning opportunities.

Understanding Academies

NAF Advisory Board Orientation Series: Part 3

This video will guide viewers on how to engage and support their NAF academy in a generative partnership which provides the best outcomes for the academy and their students.

Advisory Board Insights & Recommendations

NAF and the KPMG Data Citizens with Purpose team analyzed several characteristics of advisory boards and their relationship to academy quality and internship placement to determine key findings and recommendations to...
Overview & Best Practices
Resources that focus on the Advisory Board elements within NAF’s Educational Design, the goals of a volunteer Advisory Board, and NAF’s approach to supporting advisory boards with guidance about membership, operations, management best...
Start a Board
These resources focus on creating the foundation for an impactful advisory board, either when creating or rebooting the advisory board.  Clearly defining roles and responsibilities, codifying by-laws, creating efficient meeting agendas and...
Recruit Members
Members represent a broad community coalition of leaders focused on supporting academies to foster student and college success.  To ensure board sustainability and efficiency, recruiting the right people to serve on the board is...
Resources for Advisory Boards
NAF has codified many customizable templates and short tutorial videos to help boards learn from other high-performing boards across the network.  Topics include invitations, by-laws, utilizing meeting time productively, SWOT analysis...