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Overview & Best Practices

Find resources developed by NAF that focus on the Advisory Board elements within NAF's Education Design, the goals of a volunteer advisory board, and NAF's approach to supporting advisory boards, including membership, operations, management best practices, and leadership position descriptions.

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NAF Advisory Board Overview
The NAF Advisory Board Overview contains a brief synopsis of NAF’s approach to supporting advisory boards, including membership, operations,...
Advisory Board Insights & Recommendations
NAF and the KPMG Data Citizens with Purpose team analyzed several characteristics of advisory boards and their relationship to academy quality and...
Introduction to Advisory Boards

NAF Advisory Board Orientation Series: Part 1

This video will introduce you to what a NAF advisory board is, why they're important to NAF’s educational design, and how members play a key...
Advisory Boards and Work-Based Learning

NAF Advisory Board Orientation Series: Part 2

This video will help viewers understand the importance of work-based learning in a young person’s life and how advisory boards play a key...
Understanding Academies

NAF Advisory Board Orientation Series: Part 3

This video will guide viewers on how to engage and support their NAF academy in a generative partnership which provides the best outcomes for the...
Recruiting New Advisory Board Partners
How to recruit new members and partners using recommended best practices from high-performing advisory boards.
Securing Quality Internships Best Practices
Learn more about how to set goals, forecast internship needs, find funding, and more.
Strategic Planning and Managing for Outcomes
Strategic plans support collective impact and differentiated responsibility within advisory boards. Use these best practices to determine how to...
Utilizing Meeting Time Productively
This resource will help you determine meeting frequency best suited for your board, create meeting agendas, develop clear call to action items,...