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Start an Advisory Board

Learn about various advisory board “models” or “structures” with differentiated goals for each, to help you start the best board for your academy needs. This section also features guides on how to run and manage an advisory board meeting, set advisory board roles and responsibilities, and operate an effective advisory board.

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Introduction to Advisory Boards

NAF Advisory Board Orientation Series: Part 1

This video will introduce you to what a NAF advisory board is, why they're important to NAF’s educational design, and how members play a key...
Advisory Boards and Work-Based Learning

NAF Advisory Board Orientation Series: Part 2

This video will help viewers understand the importance of work-based learning in a young person’s life and how advisory boards play a key...
Advisory Board By-Laws
Editable Word template of recommended by-laws for an advisory board.
Advisory Board Invitation Letter
Editable Word template of a letter you can use to invite people to your advisory board.
Advisory Board Meeting Agenda
Use this sample meeting agenda to see topics for a general advisory board meeting.
Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
Use this sample advisory board meeting minutes template to capture discussion items, key decisions, next steps, and more.
Advisory Board Thank You Letter
Show apprecitation for an advisory board member by using this template to thank them on behalf of NAF.
Advisory Board Roles & Responsibilities
Learn about the various roles and responsibilities required in an advisory board.
Fundraising & Grant Resources
We've compiled vetted tips and resources to help your advisory board's fundraising and grant efforts in one document.
Grant Proposal Language
Use this expert guide to help you through developing a grant proposal for your advisory board's fundraising efforts.
Grant Proposal Langauge for Email Appeals
Use this guide to help you develop grant proposals or appeals via email to help your board's fundraising efforts.
How to Operate an Effective Advisory Board
This resource outlines the best practices used by the most effective advisory boards to ensure meaningful impact.
How to Orient Advisory Board Members
It’s critical to orient new advisory board members to their role. Use this document to develop an orientation process and effectively...
Partner Interest Survey
Easy-to-use form to gauge new partner interest in work-based learning activities and/or advisory board involvement.
Recruiting New Advisory Board Partners
How to recruit new members and partners using recommended best practices from high-performing advisory boards.
Tips for Recognizing Advisory Board Members
Use these tips to encourage and nurture advisory board members to ensure board sustainability and continued community impact.
How to Manage Virtual Advisory Board Meetings
NAF created this checklist to support academies and advisory boards who want to manage and run virtual meetings.
Strategic Planning Meeting Agenda
Use this agenda template with suggested topics for your next advisory board strategic planning meeting or planning retreat.
Preparing a SWOT Analysis for your Advisory Board
In preparation for a strategic planning meeting, complete a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to help assess your...
Recruitment Event Invitation
Use this template when you need to send out a recruitment event invitation.
Strategic Plan Template
Build a comprehensive Advisory Board with these steps including goals, action items, and more.