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NAF’s Standards of Quality Work-Based Learning

Outcome Driven
Preparation & Reflection

Students have ongoing interactions with industry professionals in workplace settings through a variety of experiences.

Students discover careers of interest, make a plan to achieve their goals, develop professional skills, receive feedback on skill development, monitor their growth, and make meaningful connections with professionals.

Students prepare for each experience with guidance from their teacher and actively reflect on experiences, skills, and connections building an understanding of their progress toward mastery of Future Ready Skills and overall postsecondary/career readiness.

Students connect subject matter content with career aspirations and skills through interaction taking place in classroom-connected work-based learning opportunities provided by educators and partners.

NAF's Continuum of Quality Work-Based Learning


Students are introduced to careers and pathways through short work-based learning engagements where they can interact with industry professionals in small to large groups. Career Awareness activities are appropriate for all levels of students. 

Guest Speaker

Worksite Tour

Career Fair

Students continue to hone their career interests while building Future Ready Skills in one-to-one or smaller group settings with industry professionals. Students receive feedback on their skill development from industry professionals and make connections to begin their professional network. 

Informational Interview

Job Shadow

Resume Coaching/Review Session

Mock Interview


Skills Workshop

Partner Engagement Project

Students apply their learning through immersive industry-based experiences. Career Preparation activities allow students to establish connections and build a professional network. Industry partners are more directly involved in student development and provide feedback on applied skills in an industry-based setting. Career Preparation activities are designed for junior and senior students as they build upon prior knowledge and learning in earlier work-based learning activities. 


Clinical Experience

Mentored Industry Projects

Apprenticeship/Youth Apprenticeship