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Information Technology

NAF’s Information Technology (IT) curricula enable learners to explore various aspects of IT including coding, computer systems, graphic design, and web development.

32,279 Learners
99% Graduated
89% College-bound

Featured Resources

Code Next: Google's Free Coding Program for Black, Latinx and Native high school students

Google's Code Next program works with high schoolers to cultivate the next generation of Black, Latinx and Native tech leaders.

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Create Art with Craiyon

AI modeling

Can AI create art? YES! Craiyon, formerly DALL·E mini, is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt. See the images it created by typing in Be Future Ready.

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Applied Digital Skills

Google Lessons

Applied Digital Skills is a free curriculum designed for an in-school, self-paced blended learning environment where learners practice life skills while building creative projects using Google’s Suite of apps.

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Free Cybersecurity program for learners

Invite your students to learn and get excited about cybersecurity. Register interest to participate in the 2022-2023 school year You can learn more about CyberStart America here. Share this fantastic opportunity with your learners. Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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Activity-based Bitcoin Learning

Use this Google Slide presentation to learn about Bitcoin and implement the activity to simulate how Bitcoin works. This presentation and activity were developed by Zach Jones whom teaches creativity, entrepreneurship, and conscious living.

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Try a Finch Robot, Free!

Borrow a Finch Robot 2.0 from BirdBrain Technologies for 60 days, and learn how it can be used to facilitate deep and joyful learning in your Computer Science classroom. Finches can be programmed in Python & Java, as well as several block- and icon-based environments. Try one today!

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Replit simplifies Coding Collaboration

Use Replit Teams for Education for seamless multiplayer collaboration! This tool helps learners focus on coding, not lengthy set-up, with Replit Teams for Education.

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Creating Engaging Content for Websites - PBL Project

This unit includes four lessons and focuses on the creation of engaging content for the site. Adding interactivity to a website will increase user engagement and help users retain the information that they learn in the process. 

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Use Your Python Skills for this Boggle Challenge

Boggle is a word game based on a 4×4 grid of 16 letters. For this challenge you will re-create a single-player game of Boggle using a step by step approach.

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See What the Network is Saying

Since I’ve made the commitment to pursue my passion in Computer Science, I have made it my mission to inspire black kids who experienced the same pushback when pursuing their true passions.

Brandon Parrish
NAF Alumnus
University of Texas at Arlington

Capital One is committed to helping our future workforce achieve its full potential. Through our partnership with NAF, we are taking deliberate actions today to help students prepare for the careers of tomorrow. These paid internships will help empower our youth with digital skills needed in the quickly changing global economy.

Sanjiv Yajnik
Capital One Financial Services

I actually viewed interning in this new virtual environment as an opportunity to grow! Every day, our mentors have been there to help us and answer questions — I’ve enjoyed being able to learn from their expertise and practice networking. This experience has made me feel more connected to my academy and wanting to pursue other leadership opportunities.

Angelina M.
Milpitas High School

Thanks to our community, industry, postsecondary partners, and professional associations for their continued involvement in promoting future ready learning for NAF's educators and learners.

Looking for the old Curriculum Library?

NAF will no longer update the Curriculum Library in the Academy Support Hub (ASH), but you can still access it below. Stay on the NAF Future Ready Learning site for our updated curricula and resources.

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