Information Technology

NAF’s Information Technology (IT) curricula enable learners to explore various aspects of IT, including coding, computer systems, graphic design, and web development.

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Since I’ve made the commitment to pursue my passion in Computer Science, I have made it my mission to inspire black kids who experienced the same pushback when pursuing their true passions.

Brandon Parrish
NAF Alumnus
University of Texas at Arlington

"We are trying to address deficiencies that we see in college graduates in technical fields… we need to start at the high school level and NAF’s programs produce what we’re looking for."

Nicki Palmer
Chief Network Officer

I actually viewed interning in this new virtual environment as an opportunity to grow! Every day, our mentors have been there to help us and answer questions — I’ve enjoyed being able to learn from their expertise and practice networking. This experience has made me feel more connected to my academy and wanting to pursue other leadership opportunities.

Angelina M.
Milpitas High School