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Recruit New Members

NAF advisory board members represent a broad community coalition of people focused on supporting the academies to foster student college and career success. To ensure board sustainability and efficiency, recruiting the right people to serve on the boards is crucial. These resources will give you all the tools to effectively engage partners and board members.

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Advisory Board Invitation Letter
Editable Word template of a letter you can use to invite people to your advisory board.
Advisory Board Thank You Letter
Show apprecitation for an advisory board member by using this template to thank them on behalf of NAF.
Benefits of Partnering with a NAF Academy
Find tips on how to engage new partners by telling them of all the great benefits of partnering with a NAF Academy.
Charting Potential Partners
Use this activity to brainstorm potential partners to join your advisory board and/or provide work-based learning experiences.
Finding the Right Advisory Board Members
Make an impact on your NAF academy and NAF students by finding the best members for your advisory board. Use this guide to figure out how.
Guide to Engaging Employers
Recruit advisory board members and engage employers to increase work-based learning and internship opportunities for NAF students.
Recruitment Event Invitation
Use this template when you need to send out a recruitment event invitation.
Ways to Partner with a NAF Academy
NAF seeks business partners to offer a range of experiences to students. View our list of short-term and long-term engagements.
Host a Recruitment Event
Hosting a recruitment event can be an effective way to introduce potential business partners and advisory board members to your academy.
How to Map Business Partners
Learn how to use Google's My Maps tool to quickly pinpoint new partners in your community and develop a strategic outreach plan.
How to Orient Advisory Board Members
It’s critical to orient new advisory board members to their role. Use this document to develop an orientation process and effectively...
How to Pitch Your Academy
Here are the recommended steps to take to effectively pitch your academy to potential business partners.
Partner Interest Survey
Easy-to-use form to gauge new partner interest in work-based learning activities and/or advisory board involvement.