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How to add a Teacher to ASH

There are 2 ways to add teachers in ASH: the first is through Data Collection.

The second way is in User Management.

Data Collection method

Step 1 - On the navigation bar in ASH, click Academy Development, then Data Collection. Choose the academy you'd like to add a teacher to.

choose an academy qc home

Step 2 - Once you've reached the "Annual Data Collection - Overview" page, click on the Teachers page.

Add a Teacher to ASH

Step 3 - Add the teacher by entering their first name, last name, and email address (double check the spelling). Then click Add.

add teachers name and email

Once this is complete, the teacher will gain access to the NAFTrack Certification platform where they can add and edit classes, enter in grades, and more.

User Management Method

Step 1 - In ASH on the navigation toolbar, click User Management.

ash nav click user mgmt

Step 2 - Click Add New User, then type in the user's First Name, Last Name, and Email.

user mgmt add new user

Step 3 - Click Teacher, and then choose the appropriate district, high school, and academy locations for this teacher to have access, and then click Save.

user mgmt teacher and site assignment