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Creating a Student Account & Logging Into NAFTrack

Creating a Student Account

Prior to setting up an account within NAFTrack Certification, students must be uploaded into the system and assigned to a class. The student account registration process requires two pieces of information:

Once the student enters these fields, enters an email address and establishes a password, NAFTrack Certification will perform a look-up to be sure the student exists. If the student exists, the student will receive registration of confirmation and be able to log into NAFTrack Certification. If the student does not exist, the account cannot be created and a message will appear indicating the student cannot be found. Note: Students can log in using a third-party email provider. 

Step 1 - Access the student portal at

Step 2 - Click Register. 

student register account

Step 3 - Complete the Student ID and Last Name fields. Step 4 - Enter a valid email address. Step 5 - Establish a password by entering the same password in twice.  Step 6 - Click Register.

student account register 2

Once a student has finished the registration process, they can now log into the student portal. Note:  Once a student account has been established, the log-in credentials should be used each time the student wants to access their account.  Students should make note of which email address they used to create their account as they will use it to log into NAFTrack going forward.

Logging into NAFTrack

Once an account is set-up, students can log into NAFTrack. The student log in process requires two pieces of information:

Step 1 - Access the student portal at

Step 2 - Complete the Email Address and Password fields. 

Step 3 - Click Log In.

student account login