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How to complete an internship assessment from an alternate email

Did you know we have multiple ways to complete internship assessments in the NAFTrack Certification system?

There are multiple reasons why it is sometimes necessary to adjust who or how the internship assessment is completed including: - The internship supervisor prefers to use a different email address than what is entered in the system. - The academy director or internship coordinator is completing the internship assessment on behalf of the internship supervisor. This is especially helpful when the internship supervisor completes the internship assessment on paper and the academy team needs to get it transferred from the paper copy into the NAFTrack system.

For this and all situations where this is needed, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1 - Go to NAFTrack Certification and select "Manage Internships"

Internship Assessment Alternative 1

Step 2 - In Manage Internships, select "View Internships"

Internship Assessment Alternative 2

Step 3 - In the correct internship, select the checkbox under "Email Override" and then "Send Internship Assessment to Alternate Email".

Internship Assessment Alternative 3

Step 4 - In the pop-up box, enter the email address where the assessment should be sent and then select "Send Email".

Internship Assessment Alternative 4

The alternate email address will have an email in their inbox with the assessment and will be able to complete this assessment for the student. After completion of the assessment, the evidence will populate to the student platform and the student will receive credit (if credit was earned).

If you have any questions, click on the Question Mark on the bottom right of the page and submit a ticket to our support team or send us an email to