WBL Storytelling Templates

WBL Storytelling Templates Example

Being able to share the story of your academy is an excellent way to showcase the breadth and depth of what your students are doing. Data enhances these stories and serves as a recruitment tool and way to inspire people to get involved. Having the data in this format can also be a way to celebrate success and guide your future planning.

You now have a multitude of metrics available through tools including the Work-Based Learning Participation Tracker, Reflection Form completed by students after each WBL activity, internship assessments, the annual student survey, and more. It’s time to harness the power of this data to bring the story of your academy to life and share it!

Through the following easily customizable Canva templates, you can create storytelling documents for multiple audiences.

If you want to see examples of all of the templates, view the following guide and then follow the instructions below to use Canva to customize them.

To access the templates, you can create a free Canva account or use an existing account if you already have one. The first page of each template provides an overview of the different fields and how you can customize them and then you can scroll to subsequent pages to begin customizing the template based on what you want to highlight about your academy.

Advisory Boards templates

- Provide information to celebrate​

- Have information to plan or make changes

Employer & Community Partners (Current or Potential)​ template

- Provide data that give them insights into the academy's work​ and impact on students

- Provide data that inspires them to get involved in WBL

Parents template

- Show how their child can benefit from the NAF academy and what opportunities are available​

Students template

- Show them why joining your NAF academy will benefit them

New to Canva? Access their “Getting Started” videos and additional free resources specifically for teachers.

For assistance in using any of the WBL storytelling templates, contact Zach Bokuniewicz, Assistant Director, Creative and Branding Strategy.