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Course | Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship provides learners with an understanding of the critical role played by entrepreneurs in the national and global economy. Learners gain the skills necessary to become entrepreneurs and the attitudes, characteristics, and techniques that successful entrepreneurs have and that they will need to succeed. Building on concepts introduced in Principles of Finance, the Entrepreneurship course offers experientially learning by encouraging learners to evaluate, develop, and work with the business ideas they already have or those they conceive during the course.

Planning Tools
For Learners

PLANNING TOOLS provides essential information to guide course implementation, including scope and sequence, detailed lesson plans, semester planning outline, course updates, and project overview. Several courses offer free online resources with hyperlinked URLs to enhance blended, synchronous, and asynchronous learning. The scope and sequence guide the resource selections to ensure the content aligns with lesson topics. The online resource collection includes course outlines, modules, lesson plans, videos, projects, and articles.

FOR LEARNERS: Did you know that in 2030, 85% of the jobs are not in existence yet? So, how can what you are learning in school today possibly prepare you for an unknowable future?

The answer is simple! You do not stop learning just because you graduated from high school. You must embrace the concept of life-long learning to thrive in a highly tech-enabled and information-driven future. Your skillsets are less about what a teacher “poured” into your head and more about exploring issues and topics about which you are passionate. In the future, employers will not be as interested in your grade point average as compared to the initiative you took to extend your knowledge.

Staff Pick

The Cost of Self-Care: Be Youthful Bath Bombs

In a four-week, real-world learning experience created by AICPA, students will team up to work with a small local business called BeYoutiful Bath Bombs.

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 Getting Started
Unit 2 Assessing New Business Ideas
Unit 3 Business Operations and Administration
Unit 4 Preparing for a Career as an Entrepreneur

Featured Resources

The Entrepreneurial Mindset


Take students from a great idea to a viable business plan with these resources from Knowledge@Wharton High...

NFTE Venture: Entrepreneurial Expedition

Free Learning Module

A collaboration between Everfi and NFTE. Students learn the basics of starting their own business

SAP Developer Pre-Internship

Career Readiness

Developed by SAP, students can experience a career as a software developer in their company.

I am a Person Committed to Equity

Talking About Race

An interactive website produced by the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Youth Entrepreneur Academy


An extensive array of free lesson plans, videos and challenges. Start a YE Academy in your school!

Shark Tank


In this simulation, students conduct market research, start a business, and present an entrepreneurship plan to a...

Junior Achievement


Help students unlock their entrepreneurial potential with Junior Achievement

Learn Excel

Video Tutorial Series

Expertise with Microsoft Excel is an essential competency in the financial world. You will also need it for...

Adventures in Entrepreneurship

Illustrated Playbook

Five-step guide to starting your first business, from Intuit QuickBooks

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