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Course | Principles of Accounting


Principles of Accounting provides learners with an understanding of the critical accounting process and facilitates decision-making by providing data and information to internal and external stakeholders. Learners find out that accounting is an integral part of all business activities. It plays an essential role in the everyday accountability of a business and high-stakes decision-making and analysis. In addition, learners discover how to apply technology to accounting by creating formulas and inputting data into spreadsheets.

Planning Tools

PLANNING TOOLS provides essential information to guide course implementation, including scope and sequence, detailed lesson plans, semester planning outline, course updates, and project overview. Several courses offer free online resources with hyperlinked URLs to enhance blended, synchronous, and asynchronous learning. The scope and sequence guide the resource selections to ensure the content aligns with lesson topics. The online resource collection includes course outlines, modules, lesson plans, videos, projects, and articles.

Staff Pick

Accounting Program for Building the Profession (APBP)

The AICPA offers training for high school teachers on an advanced accounting curriculum. This college-level course provides students with a real-world view of the accounting profession while focusing on the development of critical thinking skills. If you are an accounting, finance or business educator and would like to receive free training, please join us this summer! To learn more about APBP,

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 Getting Started
Unit 2 The Accounting Cycle
Unit 3 Financial Statements
Unit 4 Controls
Unit 5 Careers in Accounting

Featured Resources

Color Accounting

Instructional Resources

Learning materials and teaching resources for your classroom that increase teacher satisfaction and improve...

To Infinity and Beyond: Accounting Research Project

Career Readiness Activity

In this activity, students will learn about the vast number of career opportunities available to them in the...

Welcome to the Coffeehouse

Semester Project

Students are responsible for running a coffeehouse

Ethical Entanglements


Created by AICPA, this simulation places students in a sticky situation with a colleague and must use their...

Wharton School of Business

College Course

Get ahead and take a college-level course at Wharton School of Business

Bank On It

Start a classroom tournament with this exciting virtual game.

No Place for Hate

Culturally Relevant Program

A student-led program which establishes culturarlly relevant norms in the school.

SAP Developer Pre-Internship

Career Readiness

Developed by SAP, students can experience a career as a software developer in their company.

Pepper Food Delivery


Students perform a transaction analysis for Pepper Foods using Microsoft Excel

Influencing the Influencer


What does it take to be a media influencer?

Business Ethics


Ethical behavior and decision-making are essential for successful careers and strong corporate leadership.

S-H-G-P-0 Bingo


Fun way to reinforce accounting concepts

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