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Course | Professional Ethics


Professional Ethics provides a solid understanding of why ethics is essential in every profession. After an introduction to several philosophies that inform ethics today, learners explore the characteristics of an ethical professional. They consider the range of dilemmas faced by managers and employees in the workplace and discover the qualities of influential leaders and the tools modern professionals use to instill an ethical workplace culture. Throughout the course, learners have opportunities to refine their personal sense of ethics as they begin to build an ethical foundation for their professional future.

Planning Tools
For Learners

PLANNING TOOLS provides a guide to course implementation, including scope and sequence, lesson plans, and the culminating project overview.

FOR LEARNERS: This resource encourages and supports students on their learning journey by providing opportunities to deepen their knowledge, feed their passion, build their Future Ready skills, and deepen their career identity through NAF's "Take Charge of Your Learning" framework of REFLECT, STRETCH, INNOVATE, and SHOWCASE.

Staff Pick

Integrate Ethics into the Classroom

This course created by the MBA Research and Curriculum Center can be downloaded free of charge to educators seeking to integrate Ethical Leadership into their courses

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 Introduction to Ethics
Unit 2 Ethics and Workplace Cultures
Unit 3 Ethics and Business Practice
Unit 4 Ethics and Careers

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