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Prepare for Internships

Ensure your students are ready for their internship experience. Explore how to incorporate internship preparation materials into your classroom today.

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Virtual Internship Planning Considerations
Intentional planning and exploration is key in creating a meaningful virtual internship experience for students. While impactful, virtual...
Virtual Internship Planning Resources
Engaging tools are the key to success in virtual internships. Explore highlighted recommendations and tools as you plan and implement virtual...
Internship Preparation Modules
Prepare for internship success through implementation of NAF's Internship Preparation Modules.
Internship Supervisor Resource Hub - National Partners
Explore videos, tools, and templates to help onboard, manage, and assess interns during their internship.
The Value of High School Internships
Help students understand the importance of internships using this short lesson plan.
Work and Learning Plan
Create internship ownership for students through a completed Work and Learning Plan. Use this document to identify internship projects toward...
Converting Jobs to Internships Checklist
Help students understand and take ownership of converting their job to a growth-focused internship.
Project of Value Planning
Showcase growth and learning through a Project of Value during an internship or internship alternative experience.
Intern Skill Evaluation
An opportunity for students to reflect on their skill development prior to starting an internship or alternative experience.
NAF Internship Assessment
Plan for student success through skill building by reviewing the NAF Internship Assessment prior to the start of an internship.

Prepare for Internships FAQ

What are NAF's requirements for an internship?

Do internships have to be completed in the summer?

Can students participate in more than one internships?

If a student doesn't pass their internship can they participate in another and have it count?

Do students have to submit pay stubs to prove they were paid for internships?

Does a student get academic credit for internships?

If a student has a 60 hour internship and a 20 hour internship does that meet NTC requirements?

What is the difference between "paid" and "compensated"?