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Adding Students to a Class

Step 1 - Click the Manage Classes menu option. Step 2 - Click Add/Remove Students (Class).

adding students to class 1

Step 3 - Select the course name and academy from the class list.

adding students to class 2

Step 4 - Select students from the "Available Students" list to add to the class by clicking on the checkbox in front of the student(s) name to be added.  Note:  The students that appear in the "Available Students" list are all students within the selected academy. The user can include graduated students by clicking the Include Graduated Students button. 

Step 5 - Click Add/Remove Students (Class)Note: If a student is already assigned to the class, a checkbox will appear in front of the student's name.

adding students to class 3

Step 6 - To confirm the students were added to the class, return to the Manage Classes menu option.               Step 7 - Select the class from the class list by clicking on the Course Name in the table.

adding students to class 4

Step 8 - View a list of all students assigned to the class, including those just added.  Note:  An option to print the class list is also available.

adding students to class 5