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COVID-19 Updated Options for Meeting NAFTrack Certification Internship Requirements

To increase NAFTrack Certification opportunities for students during this challenging time, NAF will offer flexible options for students in the graduating classes of 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 to complete the NAFTrack internship requirements between April 2020 and August 2023. During this time period, it remains important for students to participate in experiences that can boost their resumes and build college and career ready skills. As such, students will receive credit for the internship component of NAFTrack Certification if the experience meets one of the following minimum requirements.

Internship Options:

-       1-to-1 in-person Internship

-       Group-Based in-person Internship

-       Virtual Internship (1-to-1 or group-based)

-       Clinical Experience


If an internship is not possible, NAF has approved the following options to temporarily meet the NAFTrack internship requirement:


Alternative Experience Options: Skill-Building Activities and Projects (temporary alternative)

-       Service-learning experience

-       Volunteerism experience in a non-profit

-       CTSO or Business Focused Project with business partner(s) assisting as project mentor/supervisor



All experiences must meet the following requirements:

-       80+ hours (or two 40-hour experiences)

-       Paid, compensated, or volunteer

-       Direct supervision by an accountable adult who is not the student’s teacher

-       Completion of the NAFTrack Internship Assessment by the student’s mentor/supervisor (not teacher, parent, or guardian) at the end of the internship

We have also created a short video for you to see how these updated internships can be entered into NAFTrack Certification.   You can watch the video here:


Questions? Contact the NAFTrack Certification Support Desk –