Did you know Student Reflections are available in the WBL Tracker?

The WBL Participation Tracker is a new tool for the network to log work-based learning activities and record student participation. The Work-Based Learning Reflection Form is a survey for students to reflect on the work-based learning activities they participate in to determine impact. Together, both tools can help districts and educators plan and implement impactful, equitable work-based learning and easily share the outcomes with all stakeholders.

You are now able to view and download the reflection forms completed by students. This can be done by activity in the Academy Support Hub. Just follow these simple steps to access the WBL Tracker and the completed student reflection forms:

Step 1 - In ASH, select "Academy Development" and then select the "WBL Tracker" and then Overview.

wbl tracker overview in nav

Step 2 - In the WBL Tracker, select the Activity to access more information about each activity.

WBL Tracker Select Activity

Step 3 - In the Activity Detail page, you will find more information about the activity. Under "Stats", you can find the number of students that have completed the reflection form. Under "Actions", you can select "Excel" to download a spreadsheet of all responses for that activity.

WBL Tracker Student Reflections Download By Activity

You might be thinking - but, how do students complete these reflection forms?

We've made it easy for you!

Once you've created the WBL Activity in the WBL Tracker and added students (here's an article about how to do that), have your students log in to the student portal - students.naftrack.org.

When students have logged in, they will see the "Tasks and Announcements" section, and they will see a prompt to complete the reflection for each WBL activity that has been added in the WBL Tracker.

Student WBL Reflection Form Completion

If you experience any issues or need additional help, just click on "?" in the bottom right of ASH and fill out a ticket or send us an email - support@naf.org.