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Editing Students

Step 1 - In NAFTrack, click Manage Students.

Step 2 - Select the academy from the drop-down list. All academies to which the user is linked will appear in the drop-down list. 

Step 3 - Once an academy is selected, a list of students for the selected academy will be shown.

Step 4 - The list of students shown can include inactive students and graduated students by clicking the Show Inactive Students button or the Show Graduated Students button.  Note:  Inactive and graduated students cannot be edited. Please submit a ticket if a student needs to be ungraduated. 

Step 5 - You may print the student roster by clicking the Print button, or export the list to Excel by clicking the Export to Excel button. 

Step 6 - To edit a student, click on the student's name in the list. 

Note:  The student ID, active status, and graduation year are not fields eligible to be edited by the teacher.

editing students 1

Step 7 - Click Edit.

editing students 2

Step 8 - Once the edits have been made, you may save them by clicking Save.