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Entering Grades/Scores for Courses

You should follow steps to set up a class in the section for Setting Up a Class and the steps to add students to a class in the section for Adding Students to a Class. Once a class has been completed, the user can add the course grade or score for each student.  This information will be used as part of the calculation in determining a student’s progress toward NAFTrack Certification.

Step 1 - In NAFTrack, click Manage Classes.

Step 2 - Select the class from the class list

Step 3 - Click Add Student Grade/Score

entering grades 1

Step 4 - Use the drop-down menu to select a grade or score for each student. Grades/scores can be entered for multiple students on the screen

Step 5 - Once grades/scores are entered, click Save Changes to save the entries

entering grades 2

Step 6 - View grades entered for each student in the class view.

entering grades 3