Fall 2023 NAF Webinars

This fall, we are offering a number of training webinars, focusing on helping you build your skills and confidence using NAF's technology tools. We hope you join us!


Attending live enables you to interact with the presenters and ask questions but we understand that schedules may prevent you from participating. All webinar recordings and slide decks will be posted in the Professional Learning Center.


Click on the date link to register. You will receive a confirmation email and calendar invitation.

Introduction to the Tech Tools of ODWBL

This webinar will highlight new and existing tech tools that support the outcomes-driven approach including the WBL Participation Tracker and Reflection Form, NAFTrack, and more. This will be an interactive session where participants will have the opportunity to demo some of the tools.

What's Changing with NAFTrack?

We are excited to announce some upcoming changes to the NAF Design, specifically related to our approach to Outcomes-Driven Work-Based Learning and to NAFTrack Certification. The formula for NAFTrack Certification is all new, plus we have simplified how the platform works! Come join us for a quick run through of the changes coming!

Annual Data Collection and Academy Assessment Tips

Learn essential tips to complete NAF's 2023-24 Annual Data Collection and Academy Assessment. Discover completion deadlines, changes from previous years, and advice on navigating ASH's Quality Center. Get your questions answered during this interactive webinar!

WBL Data Tracking, the AA, and NTC

Now that the WBL Participation Tracker and Reflection Form tools have been live for a year, what’s next? How will this data be used in the Academy Assessment? Learn more about next steps and how these will impact you.

ODWBL and WBL Tracker Q&A Session

In this group session open to anyone in the Network, we'll be answering any questions you have related to ODWBL, including planning activities, using the Tracker, and other topics.

ODWBL Resources for Educators, Students, AB members, and more!

Featuring videos, customizable toolkits and templates, and 1–2-page guides, we have designed resources to help support you in implementing Outcomes-Driven WBL (ODWBL) as well as created materials tailored for students, Advisory Board members, and partners. We’ll explore the collection and discuss strategies for using the resources in your academy this fall and beyond.

Mentored Industry Projects: Elevating WBL in the Classroom

District C's Teamship model features teams of students solving real problems for real businesses -- in their classroom environment and is a way for teachers to bring real and meaningful WBL to their students in an equitable and accessible way (during the school day, at school). Participants will leave with an understanding of the Teamship model, how it can be implemented as a mentored industry project, and first-person perspectives from educators who have pioneered this approach in their own NAF academies.

How to Complete the Future Ready Skills Assessment (formerly Internship Assessment)

The Internship Assessment has been updated to align with the 6 Future Ready Skills and has an increased emphasis on students receiving feedback on their skill development. This session will focus on how to complete the Future Ready Skills Assessment and the resources available.

Using Student Voice & Input for WBL Planning

Student feedback is crucial to understanding the success of WBL and ensuring impact goes beyond just the number of students who participated. The WBL Reflection Form is a new tool where students reflect on their experience after each WBL activity they participate in. This webinar will provide guidance on how to help students to complete the reflection form and how to use the data to better support students through targeted activities and topics best suited to their needs. We will also share an overview of resources, including video content, short guides, and more.