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How long does it take for information to come from NAFTrack Certification into ASH?

We pull the data from NAFTrack Certification as frequently as possible. However, due to the data load and size - we ask that you wait for at least 24 hours to see the data updated between the two systems.

For staff, you are able to get an idea of when we will pull the data next if you go to the academy's page and click on the NAFTrack tab it will indicate when the next cycle of data pull is going to occur.

Please note that the indicator of when the next data pull is just that, a data pull, the system will still need time to parse through the information and put them in the right buckets which can impact the following:

1. Getting certificates ready for students

2. Pull student enrollment for the Data Center

3. Courses information and which academy is teaching it

4. Data related to the Collier study