How to send in a ticket that gets your problem solved MUCH FASTER!


As our support services grow, we are always working towards amazing customer service, and we know your time is valuable. The following tips will show how you can give the best information as you submit a ticket:

1. Title/Subject

This should be short and specific, giving enough information to convey what the ticket is about.

Bad example: my students wont show up

Good example: Issue with adding students to 2022 classes in NAFTrack - Getting error screen

2. What goes in the body of the ticket?

We love to see specific information and any details you can add will help us help you quicker.

Bad example: I added my students to my class and nothing happened, I just got an error screen

Good example: Hi I'm [your name], I'm a [your role] from [academy name AND #]. I was working on adding my 2022 students to their [name of class] class this afternoon around 1:30 p.m. and whenever I went to save my progress, I received this error screen! [Post screenshot of error screen here] I'm using Chrome on my dell laptop and was expecting to see a confirmed list of students added to my class. I checked the Knowledge Base and couldn't find anything that helped, can you assist me?

Other helpful info - Expected vs actual results

A lot of the time a single step was missed in a process that caused the issue. By providing us a step by step of what you did up until the issue happened, you can help us pinpoint the fix quicker.

Good example:

*To submit a ticket, click the "?" at the bottom right corner of any page in ASH*