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Student Request for Course Recognition

Student Requests for Course Recognition

Students have the option to request recognition for specific NAF-approved programs. Students may combine selected Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Enrollment, NFTE, or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses with at least two NAF or one approved Cisco, PLTW, Paxton-Patterson, or STEM Academy course. Students must attain a C or higher in the course in order to be eligible for NAFTrack Certification.

Please see the NAF Pathways to Certification document within ASH for more information regarding this policy. Standalone NAF-approved third-party courses are shown below. Contact for any questions regarding NAFTrack Certification course eligibility.  

Advanced Placement



Hospitality and Tourism Management Program


International Baccalaureate


Paxton Patterson

Project Lead the Way

STEM 101

Dual Enrollment Academies can request that NAF approve dual enrollment courses to count toward NAFTrack certification. Dual enrollment and early college courses may be offered directly by the college and its faculty or by high school teachers approved by the college. NAF approves up to six college credits in career-related courses toward NAFTrack. The sponsoring college or university must be accredited.  Dual enrollment courses must provide content directly connected to the career theme and involve applied career skills or content. Basic skills courses, remedial courses, courses relating to a particular software suite, and those that fulfill common general education requirements, while helpful to students in their college and career preparation, do not meet this test.  Some commonly requested courses that do not meet the requirements for NAFTrack Certification include statistics, communication, biology, Microsoft Office, computer literacy, and composition courses. Advance notice of the offered courses is required so NAF can determine if they are career oriented. Basic skills or general education courses will not be approved. Approval may take up to 14 days. Once a course at a specific institution has been approved, students from any academy who take the same dual enrollment or early college course from that college or university may request credit for that course. See a full listing of currently approved courses in the Access Resources section of NAFTrack.