Teacher Reset of Student Password

If a student has forgotten their password to access the Student Portal within NAFTrack Certification, the easiest way to reset is for the student to click on the Forgot Password link on the student portal home page. When a student clicks on this link, an email with a link to reset the password will be sent to their email address that was used to sign up for an account.  It is critical that the student click on the link from the email to re-set the password.

A teacher or lead may assign a temporary password through NAFTrack Certification by following the steps below.  It is important to note that this temporary password allows the student to access the student portal but will require the student to designate a new password upon login.

Step 1 - In NAFTrack, click Manage Students.

Step 2 - If necessary, choose the correct academy using the Academy dropdown menu. Then click the student's name from the list.

change student password 1

Step 3 - Enter a new password in the Enter Temporary Password box.

Step 4 - Click Reset Student Password

change student password 2

Now the student can access the student portal using their email address and the temporary password you entered for them. Upon login, the student will be prompted to create a new password.