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The 2023 Student Survey is Live!

The 2023 Student Survey is now live! NAF students of any grade can now can take the survey by logging into their NAFTrack account and choosing a survey language in the “Tasks and Announcements” section on the right-hand side of their home screen between now and April 30th. This brief, 15-minute survey is an essential tool to gather feedback about where the NAF network is thriving and how we can improve.  

Student Account Survey Screenshot Spring 2023

Important things to know about the 2023 Student Survey:  

We greatly appreciate your support in helping us reach our goal of seeing 15,000 NAF students complete the Student Survey before April 30th. Updates on how many of your students have completed the survey will be available in ASH by going to the student survey portal

If any issues or questions come up, please reach out to