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Upload Grades/Scores for Courses

You should first set up a class in "Manage Classes" following the steps to set up a class and then add students to a class. Once a class has set up, you can add the course grade or score for each student. This information will be used as part of the calculation in determining a student’s progress toward NAFTrack Certification.

Step 1 - Click on the "Manage Classes" menu item

Step 2 - Click "Upload Grade/Score"

upload grades 1

Step 3 - Review the instructions for the upload which includes the type of file types accepted, a template for the upload file and the details for each of the required columns. Step 4 - Determine whether academy IDs will be included in the upload process.

Users linked to multiple districts and/or academies will be able to upload students across districts, provided the academy IDs are included as part of the upload process. To view academy IDs associated with the user role, click "Academy ID List" button.

upload grades 2

Step 5 - Review the instructions on the screen describing how the upload process will work. Step 6 - Select a properly-formatted Excel file for upload by clicking "Choose File". Locate file and then click "Upload Selected File.”

upload grades 3

Step 7 - Review the uploaded data in a preview area and correct any errors. Errors will be identified in red. All errors must be corrected before the upload can be finished.

Step 8 - Click "Edit" at the beginning of the row to fix an error. Navigate to the error to make adjustments. Drop-down lists will be available to select a permissible value for that specific row.

upload grades 4

Step 9 - Once the error has been fixed, click "Save." Continue to do this for each row with an error.

upload grades 5

Step 10 - Once all errors have been fixed, click "Finish Upload.” This button only becomes active once all of the errors have been resolved. Step 11 - After clicking "Finish Upload", a message appears on the screen confirming the upload has been completed successfully. Step 12 - To confirm the grades have been added, click on “Manage Classes” and view the list of courses.

upload grades 6