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Upload Internships (Excel file)

Step 1 - In NAFTrack, click Upload Internships.

Step 2 - Review the instructions for the upload which includes the file type accepted, a template for the upload file, and the details for each of the required columns.


Step 3 -Select a properly-formatted Excel file for upload by clicking Choose File. Locate the file and then click Upload Selected File. 

Step 4 - Review the uploaded data in a preview area and correct any errors. Errors will be identified in red. All errors must be corrected before the upload can be finished.  Note:  Employers and/or supervisors shown in orange are NEW and will be created when the upload is finished.

Step 5 - Click Edit at the beginning of the row to fix an error.  Navigate to the error to make adjustment.

Step 6 - Once the errors have been fixed, click Save. Continue to do this for each row with an error.

Upload Internships 2

Step 7 - Once all errors have been fixed, click Finish Upload. This button only becomes active once all of the errors have been resolved. 

Step 8 - To confirm the internships have been added, click on View Internships and view the list of internships.