How to change academy and district leadership roles in ASH

If you want to make changes to the following roles (Academy Lead, Academy Admin, District Lead, District Admin, Principal & Superintendent), please go to the Academy Information form in the Quality Center. These roles will require approval by your portfolio manager. 

Step 1 - From the ASH Landing page, select Academy Development > Data Collection > Academy Information


Step 2 - If you have access to multiple academies, select the appropriate academy from the drop-down box.

choose academy from list

Step 3 - From this screen you can make changes at the academy, high school, and district level. Most of these will need approval by NAF staff before they take effect.

make changes in academy info

Step 4 - Select Edit for the role you wish to change and complete the necessary information

Step 5 - Select Save

This role change will require approval from NAF Staff, so please contact your PM to make the approval, and then change will take effect.

If this person has not yet created a NAF account, please share this article with them.