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The NGPF Financial Algebra Course engages students with real-world financial applications while maintaining deep mathematical rigor. Each of the course’s 10 units blends one core personal finance topic with one relevant math concept (e.g. Investing and Exponential Functions).

For Learners

FOR LEARNERS: This resource encourages and supports students on their learning journey by providing opportunities to deepen their knowledge, feed their passion, build their Future Ready skills, and deepen their career identity through NAF's "Take Charge of Your Learning" framework of REFLECT, STRETCH, INNOVATE, and SHOWCASE.

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Influenc’d is designed to give an idea of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, through the lens of being an influencer.

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 Taxes and Fundamentals of Algebra
Unit 2 Checking and Linear Equations
Unit 3 Savings & Systems of Equations
Unit 4 Budgeting & Systems of Inequities
Unit 5 Intro to Investing & Exponential Functions
Unit 6 Investing Strategies & Exponential Functions
Unit 7 Types of Credit & Modeling Functions
Unit 8 Managing Credit & Fundamentals of Statistics
Unit 9 Paying For College & Statistical Analysis
Unit 10 Insurance & Probability

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