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Course | Introduction to Programming Updated

Information Technology

Introduction to Programming uses the Python programming language to introduce learners to basic programming skills, and they discover the principles of programming by comparing Python to other programming languages. The course begins with algorithms, and then it lays a foundation for mastering variables, operators, and control structures. Learners use models to solve new problems using knowledge and techniques already learned quickly; after gaining this foundation, learners design programs and write functions. In addition, students learn program design, documentation, formal debugging, and testing.

Planning Tools
For Learners

PLANNING TOOLS provides a guide to course implementation, including scope and sequence, lesson plans, and the culminating project overview.

FOR LEARNERS: This resource encourages and supports students on their learning journey by providing opportunities to deepen their knowledge, feed their passion, build their Future Ready skills, and deepen their career identity through NAF's "Take Charge of Your Learning" framework of REFLECT, STRETCH, INNOVATE, and SHOWCASE.

Staff Pick

Participate in a Hackathon!

Major League Hacking (MLH) is the official student hackathon league. Each year, they promote more than 200 hack-a-thons and provide resources to communities on how to host their own.

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 Introduction to Programming
Unit 2 Manipulating Data
Unit 3 Control Structures
Unit 4 Designing a Program
Unit 5 Careers in Programming and Course Closure

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Thanks to our community, industry, postsecondary partners, and professional associations for their continued involvement in promoting future ready learning for NAF's educators and learners.