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Course | Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism provides an overview of the hospitality and tourism industry and serves as the foundation for the core courses offered by the NAF Academy of Hospitality and Tourism.

Learners take a brief look at the industry's history to understand the forces that have shaped it and the degree to which it has changed in the past century. They learn about traveler motivation and consumer needs and how these factors affect current lodging, transportation, food and beverage, and entertainment sectors. Learners consider the economic and environmental impacts of the industry on the world today and receive exposure to a wide array of domestic and international travel. Finally, they learn the basics of selling and marketing in tourism.

Planning Tools
For Learners

PLANNING TOOLS provides a guide to course implementation, including scope and sequence, lesson plans, and the culminating project overview.

FOR LEARNERS: This resource encourages and supports students on their learning journey by providing opportunities to deepen their knowledge, feed their passion, build their Future Ready skills, and deepen their career identity through NAF's "Take Charge of Your Learning" framework of REFLECT, STRETCH, INNOVATE, and SHOWCASE.

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Instructional Units

Unit 1 Getting Started
Unit 2 The Effects of Travel and Tourism
Unit 3 Fundamentals of the Hospitality Industry
Unit 4 Transportation in the Tourism Industry
Unit 5 Overview of Selling Tourism
Unit 6 Careers in Hospitality and Tourism

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