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Welcome to the Open Data Index for Schools (ODIS)! ODIS contains a large spectrum of data on community barriers that will help you in your community impact work.

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1) Start by selecting a state on the dropdown menu

2) Continue down the selection choices to the school community of interest

3) Examine ODIS data on any aspects of community challenges/barriers that apply to your work

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What is ODIS and why was it created?
Why is this called Open Data Index for Schools (ODIS)?
What do high numbers and low numbers mean on ODIS?
How many schools are listed in the Open Data Index for Schools?
What is a School Attendance Boundary?
Does ODIS include all schools or just public schools?
Are School Attendance Boundaries (SAB) used when bringing up ODIS data on open enrollment districts/schools?
What are the main sources of data used in ODIS?
The ODIS contains a number of data points. Are any of these data domains weighted more than others when creating the ODIS composite?
Why does ODIS use data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau?
How can I use the information in the ODIS?
What is a Gini Index and why is it provided as supplemental data on ODIS?
Can I download the results from ODIS or do I have to view them online?
Can I share the ODIS data with anyone?