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Youth Engagement and PAR Tools

NAF supports youth-centered, participatory approaches to advance more equitable learning experiences and environments in academies. These tools help educators amplify youth voice in ways that improve programs and conditions that impact youth the most.  Youth –informed decisions and youth-led actions are essential program development and continuous improvement.  These resources are designed to help educators engage students in development & continuous improvement of school, program, and/or community issues that affect them most.

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PAR Featured Resources

Youth PAR Toolkit

A Toolkit to Increase Youth Engagement and Youth Voice in NAF Academies using Participatory Action Research approach and related activities.
Next Up: Examining Student Survey Results for Improvement

Examining Student Survey Results for Improvement

This activity is aimed at helping schools/academies approach Youth Engagement/Voice through the integration of short, data-rich activities.
Next Up: We Know Us: Guide to Participatory Meaning Making with Young People

We Know Us: Guide to Participatory Meaning Making with Young People

How to Engage Youth Voice

This guide, developed by Hello Insight, included contributions from NAF student researchers from Wenonah High School. It outlines why making meaning of data with young people is essential, the types of outcomes it...
Next Up: Youth PAR Toolkit
Youth PAR Literature Review
Use this resource to review research presenting benefits of and considerations for engaging young people: tools supporting an approach for integrating youth voice in the school community. Explore success factors and barriers...
Youth Engagement Readiness Tool
Use the NAF Youth Engagement Readiness Tool to help your organization rate its youth engagement practices and understand its areas of strength and areas for improvement.
Summary: Wenonah AOHT PAR Project
Learn about the Youth PAR Project Wenonah High School youth completed in 2021. Youth (grades 10-12) volunteered to collaborate on a project that addressed an issue important to them. Youth selected an issue that was important to them: College and...

PAR Video Series

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Youth Engagement + PAR 101​
This video introduces you to the Participatory Action Research with Young People. It provides an overview of PAR and how to use it to support...
What does it mean to be an Adult Ally in Youth PAR?​
This video identifies the roles adults can play as allies in PAR projects with youth. It identifies the roles of adult allies and the...
How can we successfully implement PAR with Young People?​
Walks you through what works and what doesn’t when implementing PAR. Learn about the Factors and Barriers to Successful PAR Implementation...
Are you READY for youth PAR?​
What does it take for a school or community to be ready to implement Youth PAR? This video outlines key elements of organizational readiness for...