WBL Impact Award

NAF is creating a new award to recognize educators, WBL coordinators, and academy leads for excellence in implementing a WBL activity aligned with the Outcomes-Driven WBL approach (aspirations, skills, and connections). This is the first dedicated award for WBL and we are excited to highlight your achievements. We appreciate the support of American Express in making this award possible.


  • From Career Awareness and or Career Exploration phase(s) of the WBL Continuum

  • Implemented during the 2023-24 school year

  • Held at one academy or multiple academies within one school (not multi-school or district)

  • Entered in the WBL Participation Tracker, with students attached to the activity


January 22, 2024 - WBL activities held in Fall 2023

May 1, 2024 - WBL activities held in Spring 2024

Submissions will be reviewed and judged at 2 points: late January 2024 for Fall 2023 WBL activities and early May for Spring 2024 WBL activities and 3 finalists will be selected during each period. In May 2024, a panel of judges from the NAF Network will review the 6 finalists and select the winner of the WBL Impact Award.


  • $250 gift cards for each finalist

  • Overall winner will also receive an all-expenses paid trip to NAF Next in Orlando, FL July 9-11, 2024

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