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Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning is an educational approach designed to help students connect what they learn in the classroom with what is expected in the workplace by integrating learning with real-world applications in partnership with industry professionals.

WBL Storytelling Templates

Harness the power of data to bring the story of your academy to life and share it! By using NAF's easily customizable Canva templates, you can create storytelling documents for multiple audiences.

Internship Preparation Modules

Prepare for internship success through implementation of NAF's Internship Preparation Modules.

Internship Supervisor Resource Hub - National Partners

Explore videos, tools, and templates to help onboard, manage, and assess interns during their internship.
WBL: Get Started
Gain a deeper understanding of work-based learning and access to numerous resources.
Prepare for WBL
Preparation and planning are key in delivering impactful work-based learning. Explore NAF's work-based learning resources as you prepare students and partners for work-based learning engagements.
Explore WBL
Expand your work-based learning opportunities and build experiences to ensure your students are college and career ready. Explore NAF's work-based learning resources to as you implement work-based learning.
Prepare for Internships
Ensure your students are ready for their internship experience. Explore how to incorporate internship preparation materials into your classroom today.
Customizable Templates
Consider needs specific to your students and partners when implementing work-based learning. Use NAF's customizable templates to make each engagement personalized to your needs.
WBL Participation Tracker
Tool to help academies intentionally capture WBL events, understand student and partner involvement, and provide data for future planning.